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    In order to minimize the impact associated to environment and in line with its sustainable management principles and practices, we ensure compliance with legal requirements, as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes, applicable to environmental aspects.

    Our passion for this business is to go further, overcoming challenges, influencing by example and promoting the development and well-being of communities.


We’re constantly working on the next big technologies and methodologies to increase the quality and reliability of our products and services and lower the cost for our customers.
Through advanced research and development, we’re able to new product/services for Geophysics and Topography.

Our extensive engineering capabilities enable us to support our customers with engineering challenges as well as provide custom designed solutions.

Phone Number:

+351 966 167 709



NERE - Parque Industrial e Tecnologico de Évora
Rua Circular Norte, 7005-841
Évora, Portugal


Zona Industrial Da Adua, Start-up-BOX2
7050-001 Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal)



Phone Number